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Tri Update 13 December 1998 - Tinman Results

(report provided by Ian Hepenstall Tri NZ Media Liaison Officer) 

Cameron Brown and Heidi Alexander, the dominant triathletes on the New
Zealand scene last summer, successfully defended their titles at the
ASB Bank Tinman triathlon at Mount Maunganui today. Brown (Auckland)
and Alexander (Pukekohe), who defended their New Zealand sprint titles
last weekend, emphatically won the Tinman, the first major Olympic distance
triathlon of the New Zealand season.  The pair were both returning to full
fitness after suffering injuries on the ITU World Cup circuit in Japan
id-year. Brown took control early on the bike leg, showing his strength in
the demanding windy conditions to open up a three minute advantage before
extending that margin to four minutes at the finish from Wellington's
Scott Ballance and Mount Maunganui's Andrew Vane. The Aucklander will now
focus on the national championship in Gisborne in three weeks and defending
his half Ironman crown at Mount Maunganui a week later. Alexander, the
national champion, took to the last 2km on the bike to catch early leader
Sue Curtis (Wellington) before extending her final advantage to 2min 30sec
from Curtis and the fast finishing Nicole Cope (Auckland). Results: ASB Bank
Tinman triathlon, Mount Maunganui (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run):
1    Cameron Brown (Auckland) 1:46.49
2    Scott Ballance (Wellington) 1:50.48
3    Andrew Vane (Mount Maunganui) 1:51.41
4    Walter Thorburn (Hamilton) 1:52.21
5    Mike Sexton (Hamilton) 1:53.13
6    Silas Cullen (Auckland) 1:54.30
7    Aaron Baker (Auckland) 1:54.57
8    Damien Max (Mount Maunganui) 1:55.04
9    Steven Nicholls (Auckland) 1:55.06
10   Steve Mellsop (Wellington) 1:55.23

1    Heidi Alexander (Pukekohe) 2:02.30
2    Sue Curtis (Wellington) 2:05.07
3    Nicole Cope (Auckland) 2:05.43
4    Sue Clark (Auckland) 2:07.59
5    Megan Dalton (Auckland) 2:09.22
6    Cindy Taylor (Te Puke) 2:10.31
7    LeanneJohnston (Auckland) 2:14.15
8    Lorene Smith (Auckland) 2:14.21
9    Sione Jongstra (Auckland) 2:15.00
10   Gayle Clarke (Auckland) 2:17.11

Tucked away in the Tinman results is Mike Sexton.  Mike was one of the
country's top performing juniors a few years ago and representing NZ several
times.  He has not raced triathlon in the last few seasons.  At the Tinman
he finished off the pace after the swim and bike but stormed through the
field on the run to claim fifth place.  If Mike decides to get back into
Triathlons seriously again he will again become a competitive force.
Recently he has been concentrated on running with little attention to the
swim and cycle disciplines.

Last week you warned us through Tri-updates that the Half Ironman places
were filling fast. Until receiving your warning I had no idea there was any
reason to hurry. But, at your suggestion I raced out and posted off our
two entry fees and forms, that day. Now, only a few days later we hear
that entries have closed and the event is full. We were only just in time.
If it weren't for you we would definitely have missed out. So thank-you.

Tui Allen Waitakere Multisport Club

Your note is appreciated Tui.  It was actually Ian Hepenstall the Tri NZ
Media Liaison Officer who alerted me to the situation, so on behalf of
Tri Update readers we say Thanks Hep

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BADMANN'S HONOUR: From Swiss press officer Reinhard Standke

Natascha Badmann (Ironman Hawaii winner 1998 and Swiss triathlon Champion)
and cyclist Worldchampion Oscar Cemenzind have been crowned last week as
Swiss Athletes of the Year 1998. The selection was voted by the members of
the Swiss Sportswriters Association.

DISQUALIFICATION: From Ultraman race director Jane Bockus

At the recent 1998 Ultraman World Championships, Joey Kelly, 27, of Ireland
-- one of the members of the famous singing Kelly Family based in Europe --
competed along with 34 other athletes in what is considered the most
challenging  event in the sport of triathlon.  These athletes from all over
the world were attempting a three-day triathlon that involves 6.2 miles of
ocean swimming , 261.4 miles of cycling and a final day run of 52.4 miles.
The course takes them completely around the big island of Hawaii. While Kelly
did in fact finish the entire course under the daily 1- hour cutoff times,
he was disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct under Article III, Rule
3.4 (b) "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" of the USAT Competitive Rules. USAT is the
national governing body of the sport of triathlon and the sanctioning body
for races in the United States. 

The "unsportsmanlike conduct " consisted of a soccer-style kick to the head
of a race volunteer who was lying defenceless on the ground at the time of
the vicious blow. That followed an earlier altercation created by a media
frenzy involving coverage of the popular musician. This incident occurred
at the finish line after Kelly had completed the course but while the event
was still in progress with the majority of the participants still heading
towards the finish. The volunteer required medical attention, and emergency
services consisting of police and ambulance, were called to the scene.
Fortunately, the volunteer does not seem to have suffered any permanent
damage to the head or spine.

The organisers of the Ultraman are appalled at the use of violence and wish
to state that in the 14-year history of the event, they have never seen
anything so disgraceful in the conduct of an athlete.  Indeed, informed
observers have never before witnessed such behaviour in the sport of

It is with deep regret that the Ultraman World Championships feels compelled
to report this sad incident and subsequent disqualification of Joey Kelly.

Tri Update comments 
This is a more distasteful incident.  As a Race Director I personally would
have no hesitation in disqualifying any competitor who does not show total
respect towards volunteers and officials.  In this case the individual
concerned would never participate in one of my events again.

Tri NZ rules Paragraph 5 deals with Rules of Conduct for Competitors
5.2a    practice good sportsmanship at all times
5.2b    be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others
5.2f    treat other competitors, officials, volunteers, and spectators with
        respect and courtesy
5.2g    avoid the use of abusive language   

Rules are intended to make our sport SAFE, FAIR and also ENJOYABLE for all
involved.  The rules in this issue are in my opinion very fair and

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to
what lies within us.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

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